ObjectNet3D: A Large Scale Database for 3D Object Recognition



We contribute a large scale database for 3D object recognition, named ObjectNet3D, that consists of 100 categories, 90,127 images, 201,888 objects in these images and 44,147 3D shapes. Objects in the images in our database are aligned with the 3D shapes, and the alignment provides both accurate 3D pose annotation and the closest 3D shape annotation for each 2D object. Consequently, our database is useful for recognizing the 3D pose and 3D shape of objects from 2D images. We also provide baseline experiments on four tasks: region proposal generation, 2D object detection, joint 2D detection and 3D object pose estimation, and image-based 3D shape retrieval, which can serve as baselines for future research using our database.


We acknowledge the support of NSF grants IIS-1528025 and DMS-1546206, a Google Focused Research award, and grant SPO # 124316 and 1191689-1-UDAWF from the Stanford AI Lab-Toyota Center for Artificial Intelligence Research.

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