I’m a Ph.D. student in the Stanford Computational Vision and Geometry Lab led by Professor Silvio Savarese. I’m interested in Computer Vision, Generative Models, Variational Inference. Before joining the lab, I rotated with Professor Stephen Boyd and Professor Leonidas Guibas. I am an amateur pianist, photographer and like swimming, skiing, and tennis!



  • 3D Recurrent Reconstruction Neural Network (theano) code
  • Universal Correspondence Network (caffe) code
  • Fully Differentiable Deep Neural Decision Forest (tensorflow) code
  • Python GPU Accelerated K-Nearest Neighbor code
  • OpenSceneGraph Python Renderer code
  • Enriching Object Detection code

Professional Community Services


  • CS231A Teaching Assistant, 2015


  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Information Theory
  • Stochastic Control
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Convex Optimization I
  • Convex Optimization II
  • Mining Massive Data Sets
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • Modern Applied Statistics: Learning
  • Modern Applied Statistics: Data Mining
  • Convolutional Neural Networks For Visual Recognition


  • Ph.D. Stanford University, TBD
  • M.S. Stanford University, 2014
  • B.S. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2012
    • Summa Cum Laude