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A flexible two-column Jekyll theme. Perfect for personal sites, blogs, and portfolios hosted on GitHub or your own server. Latest release v3.4.4

Splash Page

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Pytorch Extension with a Makefile

Pytorch is a great neural network library that has both flexibility and power. Personally, I think it is the best neural network library for prototyping (adv...

Learning Gaussian Process Covariances

A Gaussian process is a non-parametric model which can represent a complex function using a growing set of data. Unlike a neural network, which can also lear...

Making a Caffe Layer

Caffe is one of the most popular open-source neural network frameworks. It is modular, clean, and fast. Extending it is tricky but not as difficult as extend...


Quick-Start Guide

How to quickly install and setup Minimal Mistakes for use with GitHub Pages.


How the theme is organized and what all of the files are for.


Instructions for installing the theme for new and existing Jekyll based sites.


Instructions and suggestions for upgrading the theme.


Instructions on how to customize the main navigation and enabling breadcrumb links.

UI Text

Text for customizing various user interface elements found in the theme.


Instructions and settings for working with multiple site authors.


Descriptions and samples of all layouts included with the theme and how to best use them.


Jekyll _includes and other helpers to use as shortcuts for creating archives, galleries, table of contents, and more.

Utility Classes

CSS classes for aligning text/image, styling buttons and notices, and more.


Instructions for customizing and building the theme’s stylesheets.


Instructions for customizing and building the theme’s scripts.


Changelog of enhancements and bug fixes made to the theme.

2.2 Documentation

Setup and installation instructions for Minimal Mistakes 2.2 (deprecated).


License for Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme.



Foo Bar Identity

Foo Bar design system including logo mark, website design, and branding applications.